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Product Code: DA-602LFS SPIN
Price: $65.00
Out of Stock

Product Description

The new Megaforce rods are one of the best ways to introduce young or new anglers to the world of fishing. The range of rods is designed to cover the most popular fishing styles across Australia. The composite graphite blank is light and powerful, its fast “tippy” action delivers incredible casting and fish fighting performance. Featuring aluminium oxide guides to deliver superb casting performance and line protection, Daiwa’s comfortable “Seabass Hunter” reel seats that have superb ergonomics, custom made tough EVA split grips for a solid grip and custom componentry.

Whether you love to flick small lures to trout in the highlands or barra in the north or surf fishing for salmon in the southern states, there is a Megaforce rod to suit the majority of popular light tackle fish species across Australia.

  • Graphite Composite blanks
  • AO Guides
  • Daiwa “Seabass Hunter” reel seats
  • Custom EVA split grips
  • Custom alloy componentry


Model Type Sections Length Action Taper Cast Weight Line Rating
MG 602LFS Spin 2 183cm Light Fast 2-8g 1-3kg
MG 702LFS Spin 2 213cm Light Fast 2-8g 2-4kg
MG 701LFS Spin 1 213cm Light Fast 2-8g 2-4kg
MG 702MLFS Spin 2 213cm Medium Light Fast 7-21g 2-5kg
MG 701MHFS Spin 1 213cm Medium Heavy Fast 10-28g 5-8kg
MG 862MLFS Spin 2 263cm Medium Light Fast 7-21g 2-5kg
MG 962MFS Spin 2 293cm Medium Fast 10-45g 3-5kg
MG 1102MLS Spin 2 336cm Medium Light Fast 14-60g 4-6kg
MG 1202HFS Spin 2 366cm Heavy Fast 60-120g 7-15kg
MG 561MHFB Baitcaster 1 170cm Medium Heavy Fast 10-28g 5-8kg
MG 601MFB Baitcaster 1 183cm Medium Fast 7-21g 3-5kg
MG 601HFB Boat Overhead 1 183cm Heavy Fast 40-120g 6-10kg
MG 601HFS Boat Spin 1 183cm Heavy Fast 40-120g 6-10kg