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Beginner's Guide: Your First Set of Fishing Tackle

Posted 30/07/2013 10:24 AM
Updated 16/09/2013 9:30 AM


Beginner's Guide: Your First Set of Fishing Tackle

Need help choosing your first set of fishing tackle? Want something that can be used for a range of applications? The following fishing tackle should give you an all-round set up. This type of fishing gear will work for bay fishing, pier/jetty fishing and some rock fishing, estuary and beach fishing.

There is no true one size fits all when it comes to fishing tackle, you will have to compromise and take local advice. Sea Fishing tackle is like any sporting equipment, the more role specific it becomes the less forgiving it is.

Fishing Reel

A mid-sized fixed spool fishing reel will set you up nicely. It will cope with heavy lure work, pier fishing and everything mentioned above.

Casting with a fixed spool reel is quite easy and requires a lot less skill than a multiplier or overhead/bait caster reel for basic casts.

$30-$60 should buy you a nice fishing reel, if looked after should last you a few good seasons.

Check out some of the spinning fishing reels and surf fishing reels in our store.

Fishing Rod

Look for a fishing rod with a soft through action, meaning as it sounds: a fishing rod that flexes easily and gently without snapping back straight, taking the curve from the tip gradually down towards the butt. A fishing rod of this make up will not fight you back and will allow for initial mistakes in casting and playing fish.

A 10-12 foot fishing rod would be sound. A shorter fishing rod makes rock and pier fishing hard, and any longer makes it very ungainly and hard to use for the beginner.

Think about what type of fishing you are going to do most often. A lighter casting weight will suit the pier / estuary angler, if casting distance is more important then consider a heavier casting weight. A casting weight of 1-3 ozs is considered light, 3–6 ozs moderate and 4–8 ozs heavy.

One of our spinning fishing rods, surf fishing rods or boat fishing rods should do the job nicely.

Fishing Line

You will hear a lot about braid and new hi-tech fishing lines which out-fish standard mono-filament. Don’t worry and stick to good old fashioned mono. It's far more forgiving than many of the new fishing lines on the market and until you become confident at what you are doing stick to the old favorite.

Fishing Rigs and Fishing Gear

When you have decided on the location you are going to fish and your target species, take advice from you local fishing tackle shop and get good quality fishing rigs, weights and other fishing tackle. Feel free to contact us for advice and help with selecting tackle.

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