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Product Code: DA-AIRD762MHFS/3000
Price: $175.00
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Product Description

Every year thousands of Australians begin fishing, for many it becomes a lifetime passion and a day on the water is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy our great country and waterways. At Daiwa we believe that by providing high quality beginner’s outfits from the very beginning will keep the new generation of angler’s passion alive for fishing. Daiwa has an extensive range of rod/reel outfits that suit the vast majority of angling situations a new angler is likely to encounter. Our new high performance Aird PMC’s feature our most popular budget spinning reel and baitcaster reels – Aird.

Introduced in the spring of 2011, the Aird spinning reel quickly became one of Australia’s favourite reels, then in autumn 2012 the baitcaster reel debuted, to praises from anglers across the country that wanted a tough reel at a great price. Aird is one of the most feature packed reels we have ever developed in this price range, in 2012 Daiwa introduced a superb range of PMC’s.

The Aird PMC (pre-mounted combination) is designed to complement the reels and to cover the most popular fishing styles across Australia. The high modulus graphite blank is light and powerful, its fast “tippy” action delivers incredible casting and fish fighting performance. Featuring Fuji’s aluminium oxide guides to deliver superb casting performance and line protection, Daiwa’s comfortable “Seabass Hunter” reel seats with Fuji reel hood, custom made tough EVA split grips and cosmetics to match the Aird reels.

Each rod is matched with the correct size Aird reel for the rod. Whether you love to flick small lures to trout in the highlands or barra in the north or surf fishing for salmon in the southern states, there is an Aird  pre-mounted outfit to suit the majority of popular light tackle fish species across Australia.

Aird is Daiwa’s latest most feature packed spinning reel ever developed in the price range. Built on a solid corrosion resistant graphite frame and side plate, Aird uses many of our innovations like Digigear, Airbail, ABS and Twistbuster to deliver class leading performance without breaking the bank balance.

One thing is for sure that Daiwa’s range of Aird high performance PMC’s are built to the same standards and quality as the rest of our tackle and will provide years of reliable service.

AIRD 762MHFS – the classic heavy plastic action. The 762MHFS is the ideal rod for new anglers wanting to try their luck at snapper, rat kings, salmon, trevally etc on soft plastics. Its fast sensitive action will feel the lightest bites and sets the hook with bone jarring power. Matched and balanced with an Aird 3000, this is a great heavy spin rod.


Model Type Length Sections Action Taper Cast Weight Recommended Line
Aird 602LFS/1000 Spin 183cm 2 Light Fast 2 – 8g 1 – 3kg
Aird 662LFS/2000 Spin 201cm 2 Light Fast 2 – 8g 1 – 3kg
Aird 702LFS/2000 Spin 213cm 2 Light Fast 2 – 8g 2 – 4kg
Aird 701LFS/2000 Spin 213cm 1 Light Fast 2 – 8g 2 – 4kg
Aird 702MHFS/2500 Spin 213cm 2 Medium Heavy Fast 5 – 17g 3 – 6kg
Aird 601HFS/3000 Spin 183cm 1 Heavy Fast 7 – 28g 6 – 10kg
Aird 762MHFS/3000 Spin 229cm 2 Medium Heavy Fast 8 – 21g 5 – 8kg
Aird 862MLFS/3000 Spin 259cm 2 Medium Light Fast 7 – 21g 3 – 5kg
Aird 862MHFS/4000 Spin 259cm 2 Medium Heavy Fast 7 – 35g 4 – 8kg
Aird 106MHFS/4000 Spin 320cm 2 Medium Heavy Fast 10 – 40g 5 – 9kg