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How To Maintain Your Game Fishing Reel

Posted 30/07/2013 10:17 AM
Updated 3/09/2013 9:16 PM


How To Maintain Your Game Fishing Reel


During most of the time spent in use, the fishing reel will be exposed to salt spray, rain or hot sun, all of which are a potent combination. Although each fishing reel is constructed of the most corrosion resistant materials, the combination of heat and salt water could cause salt build-up if left unattended.

The best way to prevent these problems is to simply spray the reel with a water displacing lubricant such as INOX. This product will lift water and salt from the surface of the fishing reel allowing you to wipe away these deposits. Simply spray the fishing reel with the aerosol, let soak for a few minutes and wipe it off. It is not necessary to wipe the fishing reel dry. In fact, leaving a slight coating on the fishing reel will protect it and make the next clean-up even easier. Do not worry about the aerosol spray damaging your line - it won't.

If you don't have a chance to spray your fishing reels and fishing tackle after a day's fishing, you may hose them off lightly with fresh water. Do not hose your reel heavily with fresh water, as all this does is drive salt and other rubbish into your reel. A very light spray will do the job properly. If you must spray your fishing reel, always do so with the lever in the "FULL" position. Also your fishing reel should never be "dunked" in water to clean it. Like heavy spraying, this will eventually damage your reel.

Periodically check that all the screws are firmly tightened to prevent loss due to engine/boat vibrations.


Don't enclose fishing reels in air-tight plastic bags for storage. They will constantly trap moisture around the reel which will cause corrosion damage.

When not in use, set the drag control lever at the "FREE" position and the strike alert "ON". These two simple steps remove unnecessary pressure from the drag components and still control the line on the spool. Your drag will last longer and run smoother.


It is unfortunate, but true, that problems fishermen have with fishing reels are the result of the angler himself taking them apart and reassembling them improperly. Modern fishing reels are complex, sophisticated pieces of equipment which require a great amount of care when taking them apart and putting them back together.

We recommend that you send the your reels to a dealer for servicing if required. If, however, you choose to service your own fishing reels, a few basic guidelines should be followed in order to keep them operating efficiently. They are:

  1. When assembling the brake lever, ensure that the Lift and Brake Cam are assembled in the correct direction (see diagram below). Also make sure the lever is in the "FREE" position.
  2. When replacing the drag washer, remember to unscrew the waterproof cover in an anti-clockwise direction. Also be sure to screw the waterproof cover back on very tightly - a loose installation will cause the drag to be jerky.
  3. Apply lubricant to the positions indicated:

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