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Snapper fishing Do's and Don'ts (Victoria)

Posted 30/07/2013 10:28 AM
Updated 30/07/2013 10:30 AM


Snapper fishing Do's and Don'ts (Victoria)



1. Snappers are suckers for a good burley trail. Constantly check your burley bucket and top it up regularly.

2. Find grounds like broken rubble areas, sea grasses with a population of molluscs which squid and baitfish will lure snapper in for an easy feed.

3. When using your sounder, the wildest piece of ground won't necessarily produce snapper, as they are often sitting near but away from it.

4. During low light conditions, snapper tend to move into shallower waters. But during brighter periods they move into deeper waters. Knowing this, its a good idea to start the day off fishing shallow, then slowing moving deeper as the day goes on.

5. Smaller snapper seem to be more sensitive to line diameter, its a good idea using braid as it's thinner than monofilament for the equivalent weight/strength.

6. If you are fishing in shallower waters (10m or less) Premium Fishing suggest using 6kg lines. If you find yourself fishing depths of 20m or more, Premium Fishing suggest using 10kg line, which is usually sufficient for snapper.



1. When burley-ing, keep in mind that you don't want to feed them. The aim is the get their interest.

2. Don't throw big chunks of burley or bait overboard as it can not only work against you by providing the snapper with a good feed. It may also attract sharks or seals which will scare away any chance of landing a snapper. Make sure your burley is finely chopped up.

3. Keep your hands clean! Avoid touching motor oil or petrol and cigarettes. Roll on or spray type sunscreens help prevent spreading over your hands. Mixing these liquids with bait might prevent snapper from taking your bait.

4. Bait presentation is extremely important. A bait thats spinning will guarantee no snapper will touch it. That's the reason why bait can be smashed on the drop when replaced.

5. Avoid sitting your bait right at the bottom of the sea bed. This will increase your chances of catching snapper and decrease your chances of catching giant rays or other unwanted species.

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