1. View: 450kg Shark Catch of a Lifetime with a Pelagic Extreme Reel!

450kg Shark Catch of a Lifetime with a Pelagic Extreme Reel!

Posted 29/07/2013 11:49 AM
Updated 30/07/2013 8:58 AM
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We had this email sent to us recently at Premium Fishing HQ:

Thought you may be interested in this story,

This mako shark was caught off Eden on Monday 23rd of April by Sean Heinemann,using a 24kg Stand Up Stick with a Pelagic Extreme ST 50w, with crew, Brad Pinch, Rocky Pinch, Jason Cheesley, and Chris Smolenaars, aboard ROCKY 1(Boat Name)

The shark weighed in excess of 450kg,and was 10.9ft long, with a girth of almost 2 metres, topping the previous Australian Record of 443 kg, the shark will not be recognized' as a record due to the fact that none of us were a member of The International Game Fishing Association.

The Shark may have even broken the World Record in the 50lb Line Class for Mako Shark.

We were fishing off Greencape when the shark took one of the baits and then proceeded to swim straight at the boat at high speed, then circled the boat 4 times, we had to drive away from the shark so when we set the hooks it didn't go ballistic and jump in the boat, which Mako Sharks are renound for doing, the Shark was fought for 2 hours, only once we had gaffed the Shark did we realise how big it was, 5 of us couldn't get it into a 5.6metre Boat, it just wouldn't fit, so we dragged it 30km back to the Eden Boatramp.

The P R Pelagic Extreme is getting speaks for itself, Dozens of people have asked and been shocked at the affordability of the reel

Unfortunately the Herald Sun didn't mention it in the news article, which I had hoped they would.

Article page 3 Herald Sun Sat 28/4/2012 Link to Herald Sun Article

Congratulations on manufacturing such a great product, the reel performed perfectly during the 2 hour battle.

Sean Heinemann

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