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Northern Blue Frontier Fishing

Live-a-board Torres Strait and Gulf Fishing

The Torres Strait

The Torres Strait links the Coral Sea to the east with the Arafura Sea to the west and is situated between Australia and Papua New Guinea. The Torres Strait is dotted with many small islands 20 of which have small communities ranging in populations from 80 to 750. A live-a-board charter through the Torres Strait not only provides an opportunity to savour some senational fishing but also gives an insight into the Melanesian culture and way of life.

You will depart from Thursday Island and set sail through the magnificent waters of the Torres Strait weaving through tropical islands and magnificent coral cays. Each day will bring a new location and plenty of suprises. Days will be spent trolling for Mackeral sail fish and other pelagic, fishing the reefs for Coral trout, Golden snapper, Red Emperor and Nannygai, casting a fly over the sand flats for GT's and visiting some exceptional Jewfish holes. Once out to sea, try your luck for a Marlin. At the end of each day sit back with ale in hand and indulge in the finest feast including fresh local seafood. This is your ultimate tropical fishing holiday.

The Gulf Trip

The waters off the Cape York Peninsula offer a myriad of fishing opportunities. The gulf waters are ideal for reef fishing - Spanish Mackeral, Giant Trevally, Red Emperor and Nannygai. Queenfish, Golden Trevally and Giant Herring provide great fishing on the flats or drop a lure for the Barramundi and Mangrove Jacks on the snags. Just to keep the diversity up, of course, there is the opportunity to head up one of the rivers, Skardon, Jackson or McDonald for some fresh water fishing. This trip is highly recommended for those who would like to experience it all. Again, all meals are included.

Whichever trip you choose, Northern Blue Charters guarantee you an extreme fishing experience. Be professionally guided aboard your own fully appointed luxury 58-foot live-aboard 'San Miguel'.

See this brochure for rates. (PDF document, 198KB)

See some photos of a recent trip. (PDF document, 726KB)

For more information please visit their website: http://www.northernblue.com.au/